Leathernecks Nation MC Mission Statement

We welcome all Marines active, inactive and FMF Navy Corpsman to come and ride with us.  If you are interested in membership you have to ride with us.  It is a commitment to a brotherhood.  This is not a mail order club and to be a part of us you have to come and ride with us and be a part of what we do. 

We are dedicated to supporting Veterans, Marine Corps related functions, and charitable veterans organizations, while keeping POW/MIA awareness alive.  We will show support to charitable organizations and functions that benefit our communities and Nation.   We will promote Brotherhood to all members of Leatherneck Nation MC. A Brother will never be alone in a time of need, and will always strive to be by the side of a Brother in need.

Our colors are earned only through hard work, respect, dedication and loyalty to the club.  We are not a 1% club, but a family oriented club.